Beautiful setting. Great way to practice yoga. It was wonderful to get back to class! Kristen is a fabulous teacher!

Joan V.

Kristen’s easy going approach and straight forward poses are perfect for any level. A lovely experience.

T. R.

I love the location and Kristen explains all the poses. It was so relaxing as well as a great workout.


If you enjoy yoga, being on the mat outdoors adds a whole new dimension to your practice!


LOVE! Best yoga I have found so far in the Atlanta area.

Erin Z.

I thought outdoor yoga would be fun, but I had no idea how relaxing and refreshing it would be. I was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed before I showed up for class tonight, and Kristen worked all of that right out of me. Having taken TONS of yoga classes over the years, I have to say that Kristen’s transitions, flow, and cues made this class an effortless joy. I’ll be back again soon!

Amber O.

It was my first time taking a yoga class and I found it to be exhilarating. I even continued a few of the moves once I got home too. Although I have a ways to go w/strength and balance, I found that this really relaxed me and this feeling carried over to the next day. The size of the class also created a pleasant atmosphere. I like the oil used at the end of the session too.


Beautiful setting. Great way to practice yoga. It was wonderful to get back to class! Kristen is a fabulous teacher!

Joan V.

Excellent, everyone needs to take time to focus internally in a good environment. Glad I went.

Shaun B.

I really enjoy the time spent outdoors in a meditative activity. Since I’ve started working with Kristen, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in the depth of my breath and my overall flexibility. Love it!

Angela S.

Was perfect balance of stretching and meditation. Thanks Kristen!

Lori R.

This was my first time attending this class and I thought it was fantastic! Perfect location, perfect time, perfect size. Kristen was very welcoming, warm and lead a wonderful class. Can’t wait to make this my regular treat!

Jessica C.

So peaceful…a great place for yoga!


I think it offers so much for so little and really creates a platform for emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth.


I attend Kristen’s class at the river park each Tuesday and would recommend it. It’s very relaxing and she is a friendly, knowledgeable instructor.


It was great! Everything I expected and more.

A. Jones

Superb instructor!

Connie V.

Fantastic! I was a bit nervous going into it (Yin Yoga), thinking I wouldn’t be able to hold the poses for a full 5 minutes, but I did just fine! I felt so good after the class, and Kristen made me feel at ease about not comparing myself to others.

Erin Z.

Loved it! The instructor is terrific and well trained in her discipline. Her voice is soothing and enjoyable. The other participants were great. The quality of the yoga is excellent!!! Come practice yoga in the park and be with nature. It’s refreshing!


Great way to unwind and stretch out the tension of the week. I love the fact that you can come as you like, it is good for beginners and intermediate yoga persons.

Nora S.

It was very relaxing…great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Kristen does a real good job, I intend to take more classes with her…

Kimberly P.

Kristen is fantastic and I’m glad I attended. It was a perfect way to relax the days stress and troubles away.

Teresa R.

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